Hi Larry,
if Neil's right about the kn6&7 maybe being included again in the emc program , that would really good news.

The Americana's did sound great on the particular model they were created for.
From memory the majority were done for the kn2&3, though they brought out a couple of fantastic piano & guitar style disks for the kn5. I used to remember eagerly waiting for my technote magazine to arrive, just so I could find out what new goodies were available. Then sending faxes ( odering things) in the middle of the night, with hubby wondering what on earth I was up to (haahaa) Then that long week or so wait , while the stuff got shipped from the U.K.
Must say, brings back pleasant memories.

best wishes

Originally posted by lahawk:
I heard from Neil Blake that "Their working on it", which means including 6 and 7000.

Anyway the Americana Disks that play on my 3000 are quite good..in fact real good !

best wishes
Rikki 🧸

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