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.....The last catalogue that the Americana disks appeared in was October 1998 .....

Thank you for the information Johnnie.c. Sometime ago I had that catalogs as well,
but where to find among all my "mess and disorder"...........
Myself I like to think I have a system in that mess, but my wife disagree

Oh well, but I noticed something that I have not payed any attention before. If you
look into i.e. AMKN301 Variety vol 1 (for KN2000) and then AMKN401 the same title
for KN3000, there is not the same patterns or titles in it.
This is similiar for the rest of the variety disks too, so in that way the disks
having similiar titles are very different indeed.
Good, even more value for the money then.

Happy playing
Cheers 🥂
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