Ok seems like a lot of interest in Americana disks. Please correct me if I'm wrong on the facts.

The Americana disks were last made for the KN5000, with most of them made for the KN2000 and KN3000 .

If you had an Americana disk made for the KN2000, or KN3000, and you updated your keyboard to the KN5000, Technote would upgrade your disks to "fit" the KN5000

The Americana disks of old, play very nicely in the KN6000, and KN7000, although a little tweaking helps.

The Americana disks included a Solo in the rhythm, that was quite nice.

The only drawback of these disks, for me personally: Panel memory wasn't automatically set up to allow for a nice flow from PM 1-8. I prefer commercial disks to move with the arrangement starting by selecting PM 1 to PM2 on through PM8 as the final. I know this can be set up manually..but I guess I prefer a Pro to have it already included..(I'm lazy)

I too would like to know how many of these disks were produced...just curious.

Anyway, judging by this long thread, Americana Disks were and are still popular..interestng too

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