Originally posted by Gunnar Jonny:
Thank you for the information Johnnie.c.
Oh well, but I noticed something that I have not payed any attention before. If you
look into i.e. AMKN301 Variety vol 1 (for KN2000) and then AMKN401 the same title
for KN3000, there is not the same patterns or titles in it.
This is similiar for the rest of the variety disks too, so in that way the disks
having similiar titles are very different indeed.
Good, even more value for the money then. Happy playing

You are welcome Gunnar Jonny I consider that the Americana series were some of the best styles available at that time.
I hope the following is of some help
The Variety Vol 1 is AMKN 300 and AMKN 401
The same situation applies also to Variety Vol2 = AMKN 402 and AMKN 304 Variety Vol 3 = AMKN 403 and AMKN 310 Variety Vol 4 = AMS 502 and AMKN 409
and Country Vol 1=AMKN 301 and AMKN405 BIG Band Vol 1=AMKN408 and AMKN303
Regards Johnnie