Hi Larry,
I could be wrong here, but I don't think disks are backward compatible ie I don't think you can change the id on a kn5 disk to play on a kn3. I think changing id from a piano or organ equivalent to each other works. Sounds like a couple of the samples you have may have been for the kn5.
Quite a few of the styles need tweaking.
The Americana's used a lot of sound edits and effects, like one particular style had winding up a clock, another had a sound like a steam train chugging away . Some of those can cause real problems in the kn7. I think I even had some problems with kn2 ones played on the kn5.
Maybe EMC's style conversion program might work ie load in as kn5 save as kn3.

They were available for sale Technote UK. I think my local Technics dealer ( in Aust) got stuck with a heap of them too.

One of these days I'll dig out what I can resurrect, I lost a heap of my style disks in storage. Didn't realize floppies could corrupt, when not in use. There again they sat idle for about 4 years , in between selling my kn5 & buying my kn7. Hard lesson learnt.

best wishes
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best wishes
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