The Americana series was the only way to get extra styles for a while, until you learned to find styles on the internet and convert them. Even then, the converted styles couldn't hold a candle to the Technics styles! The series started way back, and was upgraded with the arrival of the new keyboards. If I could find my old catalog in this stack of papers etc., it would tell me if the series ended with the kn1500/3000 keyboards or went on to the kn3000/5000. They could be upgraded to your new kn6000 by loading them into a kn5000 and saving out to disk, loading into a kn6000 and again, saving them to disk. A long and tiresome process, but at $35 a disk for only five styles, you didn't throw them away. I know my dealer still has quite a few of them in a box stuffed behind one of the keyboards, so if anyone wants to deal, they may be able to buy a few. They have been used for store demos, but should do the job. Of course, if they are for the kn1500/3000, you'll need a kn5000 handy for upgrading. Wouldn't the kn7000 load and play the old styles? If I had one left, I'd send it out to someone to try, just to satisfy my curiosity.