Well said Chuck. I'm sure many of us hold similar views. -- And Luce -- A message for you --- Quote:- 'old foggies just won't accept new technology or practices'. !! My apologies, but what a narrow-minded bigoted statement that is.

Many of we 'old foggies' (I'm 73yrs young) wouldn't be experiencing the pleasure of your verbiage, if we didn't embrace the wonderful technology of our keyboards. They can do things for our musical abilities, which in our youth would have been beyond our wildest dreams.

However, modern musical technology must surely be combined with musical talent, in an effort to ensure that this technology is not wasted. And it is this term 'musical ability' that makes we 'old foggies' despair and dislike much of what passes today as popular music.-- All summed up by a recent experience of mine. I had the opportunity to drop in on a session of modern young musicians, practising for a local gig. I quickly became involved in an argument about 'actual playing capabilities. My 'old foggy' views went completely unheeded. Until I asked one of them to sit down, and play 'God Save The Queen' in 6 different keys. (just simple single -note plucking). --- The argument ended. !!! It really does seem that in general terms, actual musical talent and ability, is totally drowned by the market forces of 'manufactured stars'. !! --- Think I prefer to stay a Gershwin loving - Oscar Peterson loving 'old foggy'. It's a world of brilliance.

Colin leaney