In Luce's defence she was talking more about attitude rather than age. Being an "old fogey" is much more a case of not being open to explore new things. It's not really an issue of old age. I have known people that were "old fogeys" even though they were only 30.

I had to laugh recently. I was playing an online video game and when my opponent asked me how old I was and I said 50 he said "You're a geezer" .... I hesitated and thought about it and said back to him "Yeah I've never really thought about it before but I guess I probably am". And then I went back to shooting mortars at him in the game we were playing.

Even though I love jazz from the 30s to today I also love all genres of rock/pop. And I play in a rock cover band and we enjoy playing any style as long it is a good song. There is always garbage and there are always some real gems. You just need to be open enough so you can judge without bias. Sure not all music appeals to everyones taste but even with music that I don't really care for I can still be aware of the elements that do make it work and appeal to a number of people. In my experience no music becomes a popular commercial success without having some merit.