Originally posted by Mark, Michie & Luce:
Well, here we go again Khai,

I understand your comments but sometimes these 'old foggies' just won't accept new technology or practices. It's a shame but 'C'est La Vie'.

I am sure that your reference to OLD FOGEY'S will be accepted as quite offensive to some of our older members.
Are you not aware that maybe some people are just not interested in the technology of modern keyboards but just quite simply enjoy doing their thing playing them and if they are a bit older than yourself then you ought to respect that.
Just because it takes Khai's fancy to rattle a few people does not mean that you should jump on the wagon.
Perhaps some members do not wish to read an essay when all it needs is a couple of lines.
You know as well I do that we have quite acknowledgeable people here on the forum of which I'm sure you would agree that Alec leads the field so is it really necessary to dig up a year old post just for Khai to tell us how he really put himself out to help a neighbour out whom he found ungrateful.