Hi Folks. I am 76 Years old. Now let me say, right from the start I agree with our senior citizens.
In Great Britain that is what we are called. It is much better than old fogies. I am, an out and out Jazz/Swing/Modern jazz/Trad/ etc. that was the music I grew up with, Big Bands, that’s what I heard on the radio, all the time, all day and night, and I loved it. So you know my feelings.

Right, try telling that to my 15 year Granddaughter!!! She has a mind of her own, and listens to the present day “Rubbish” she loves it.

Now!!! Who am I to say “Hey you are wrong” because she is listening to pops all the time. And loving it.

I know all us senior citizens, love music. My point is, if we were 15 years old would we like and enjoy today’s music, or is it the kind of music we were brought up on that determines our choice and likes?.
I will never change my mind. That’s for sure. But can we agree.
Each to his/her own choice. I know I am dogmatic, but this time I want be
We love music “We Senior citizens”