Hi All.
Just start by saying that I am 66 and probably one of the younger old age pensioners frequenting this forum. It is a fact that we were brought up on feast of excellent music, George Shearing, The duke,
Ted Heath, etc. etc.but I dont think anyone should knock all the modern music. Everyone,
regardless of age, should look at all types of music. Some of the music that has been written in the last few years is exceptionally good, I agree that there is also quite a lot of rubbish, but even in 'our era' as you might call it, there was also some rubbish tunes.Good music is whatever you enjoy playing, I personally enjoy the rock 'n' roll stuff because I think it has had the greatest impact on popular music over the last fifty years.
The thing is you have the facility of a fantastic keyboard in the KN and you can sit at it and play anything that takes your fancy. So to finish, my favourite big band piece is 'Skyliner', and to the other extreme is 'Road to Hell' by Chris Rea and when they finally put me in a box and send me off to wherever we go, these are the two tunes they will play for me.

Regards to all
Peter B