It is always good to get things clarified, and maybe I'm one of the
group who is a kind of slow, and need some extra help for understand
certain things in life.

1. "Techies" Many people.......

Hm, to tell you the truth, I thought 'Techie' was a nick name for all
Technics users in general, and that's the way I've been used it, in
a similiar way as I use "Yammies" for Yamaha users for years here.
Out of your post, I got this new explanation, and if you have'nt
brought it up, I think no one would have sorted out such groups as a
special peer group. We did not have this kind of needs few weeks ago
as far as I remeber, why now?

2. Dissention....

Wonder why this word is being used at first, and what there was to
create any such thing?
The situation was created when everybody, including me, was so eager
to "hit" Technote, but when the answer finally came, I tried to build
a bridge, and make both places as a alternative.
This is obviously not any good solution for many of you, who still use
a special way to tell the world who you are talkin about (***/xxx).
There is room for both, and to keep up a kind of enmity is not the best
answer, even if we was treated badly regarding to the way things went
The new people who came, and still coming here, do also see what are
going on, and it's not any good example of us to keep on that way.
Young people might have something to teach us when it comes to this

3. Confort level....

Yes, if this is going to be a social club for special invited users, or
to fill in a few of the users special needs, I can see that people will
seek theyr own group of peer.
But why is that a subject now, when it have not been any before. Who was
it that brought this up as a issue all a sudden?

If people did not find it comfortable to post at the forum, why on earth
shoud a mail to you be the solution?
Why not advise those it might consern to mail any of the members of the
forum, why are you more fitted that all the others here?
Anyone can promiss not to tell, but maybe a priest is a better solution
if we have something who is too touchy for this forum?
The only statement nessesary should be:
"No question is less important than any other, and no questions are dumb
or stupid."
Not mail me private, this is just who want to 'control' everything on the
We do all struggle with different instrument problems who needs help to
be solved, even the most skilled users have to find out how to get many
different things to work.

I'm very glad that you're open minded, and I think most of us find a lot
of new knowledge here at this forum, regardless to age.
Mixed age usually makes a great source of inspiration, and I have always
been told that we're never too old to learn new things

Yes, you have done a lot to tell people where to find this forum, but as
far as I can see it, many old hands people who are here would have found
it anyway.
Only a matter of time and a little "lookback" in i.e. some Technote posts
or/and links on several Technics related webpages, etc., etc.

This forum have been here for a long time, the SZone name and url have never
been a secret, and as far as I know, you do the promoting and work of your
own free will. (And yes, no doubt, that is very good of you to do so!)
Looking around here at SynthZone, it seems to me that all the different
forums runs just fine without instructs editorials, and I cannot see that any
of those need a special 'captain' besides of SZones admin to run pretty well,
so I guess it would have been about the same situation here too.

Kind Regards
Cheers 🥂
"Success is not counted by how high you have climbed
but by how many you brought with you." (Wil Rose)