Hi Bebop, thank you for the courtesy of a reply at last. I do not usually go on philosophy, but this requires a serious answer.

Regarding all this business of 'techies' or 'peer groups' I have no view because it all seems rather stating the obvious and self evident. People will post what they want to post, and do what they want to do as far as interaction is concerned. Sure you are free to offer an opinion if you want to, but this sounded like some kind of an edict from on high to many people, at odds with the democratic nature of a public forum.

As for comfort, the most uncomfortable thing about a new forum is the fear of a first post because you might appear foolish because it seems like an old boy's club between the 'favoured few'. This seemed to be type of thing you were actually aiming at ('already comfortable in their technical level' etc etc). This attitude will drive away beginners far more than any 'dissension'.

Also the talk of beginners and 'techies' going elsewhere I found offensive. Why can't beginners ask what they like where they like? I'll answer questions where I like, and when I like, whether I answer on Technote or here is a matter for me. Everyone is free to do what they want, within the conditions of the respective forums. I was not aware that giving accurate answers was a problem here.

As for the 'echoing' of posts, if you haven't seen any evidence you can't have looked hard. I have answered a few questions with private mails. Strangely these answers did not turn up again in the forum. Where I explained my reasons in the mail, no-one disagreed with me. It is extremely disappointing that a clear lead is not given here.

All I ever do is answer questions. Opinions are not my main interest, only occasionally do I divert into this sort of territory, when it seems things are not right. I cannot see why issues cannot be discussed here, in the open, without resorting to soliciting private mails and forming select cliques.