We aren't taking out all the fun of being here and interrelationships. That is why everyone has moved over here and IMHO is why they will stay over here. This Forum then, as a result, will soon be the largest and best Technics Forum on the net, if in fact it isn't already.
The "other" Technic's forums will probably end up populated by only "techies" and those just starting to develop their learning curve. There is a need for that. They will benefit each other. There is also a need for social interaction and relationships by those that are already comfortable in their technical and intellectual levels that aid in the interchange of ideas and techniques. The only need for separation of these groups is in individual attitudes by those who would control these groups. Some will be much happier in one group then the other. This forum is for Technical, Social and Information Sharing relationships. Technicians are certainly welcome and needed here but not to the exclusion of fellowship and social interaction. Those of us that are here and staying here are happy here so let us continue to be. Each Forum will attract their own players through fulfilling their individual needs. Please continue to invite your friends and contacts to check out all Technic's Forums and I believe most, although not all will choose ours. When they do, please make them welcome rather then uncomfortable through dissension.
It is my intention to send out an e-mail "NEWSLETTER" to everyone on my email list. I have in fact already sent out 3 or 4. If you have not received them send me your email address and I will add you. If you are receiving them and don't want to, just send me an email with delete for the subject and it is done. I will be sending out Bios of some of our members that have been kind enough to provide and release them. Should you like to have your bio shared with all our Newsletter members, just send it to me with your release and I will include it in one of the Newsletters. Some of you already have sent in bios and I will be sending them out each week. A big thank you to ALL OF YOU. Let's make this a great place for all.
Maybe we can't come over to your house and jam but we can get in here and jam. So, lets just do it. Pick a key and take it from the top. Best to all of you

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