I have read through your post several times now, meanwhile looking for a new
post from you to answer the questions we can see asked by some other members.
To be honest, even by use of my good old dictionairy, I have problems to find
out of what the real message 'between the lines' is here.
Well, maybe no wonder that I don't understand, when people who use english as
the first language seems to be a sort of confused too.

However, if my translation is what I think it is, then it is a message to me
about that at this board I have to do as you commands, or else I can just
leave, is that right?
That here is the place for the clever ones, and those who - "just starting to
develop their learning curve" can stay at other boards, because Bebop & Co are
so skilled that they need this place to pledge the social welfare?
Technote is bad because of the censorchip, but Synth Zone is good because you
decides who is welcome and who is not?

Because I'm a 'techie', and dare to tell that I don't fancy page up and down
about personal tragedies, private parties and even confirm that I still visit
Technote, besides that I don't use a lot of * in the name, I'm a enemy of SZone
and a beginner who needs to stay off of this board?

- "There is also a need for social interaction and relationships by those that
are already comfortable in their technical and intellectual levels that aid in
the interchange of ideas and techniques" you say.

Yepp, maybe so, but there is keyboard expert forums to find around the web too,
so those of you with the intellect higher than most of us would maybe find the
equal intellectual souls there, as well as a simple soul as me should stay else-
Also you are a founder of, and run your own chat room, so could it be that the
social needs are being taken care of in a suitable place already?

I suppose it is this particularly board's terms of conditions we have to look at
to find out which way the administrator would like things to be here, not the
'friendly advice' in your post?


the reason that 'everyone' moved over here, is a result of several
happenings as far as I can see, and if you look back to the posts at
Technote, you will find that SZ was mentioned many, many times, also
by me, as a good alternative to Technote, so SZone is not any new
invention at all.
The strange thing is, you never payed it any attention back then, when
everything went smoothly at Technote.
Cheers 🥂
"Success is not counted by how high you have climbed
but by how many you brought with you." (Wil Rose)