first of all I want to thank you for all the kind words that you
write here. My face tend to red, but I don't know why

No sir, I don't write a single word to make everybody agree with
me or any of the meanings I have, it is always my very personal
point of view I'm presenting, and I do indeed speak stright from
my heart.

it might be that I've misunderstood the message above, but I find
the same contents or meanings regardless of how many times I have
read it. Now it is even repeated by a e-mail from Bebop.
You ask why no one speaks about that part, well, I may have some
thoughts about that too.

Other forums have a own tread, often called "Introduction" or so,
a separate topic where members, new or old, can say hello and fill
in what they want other members to know about themselves.
Here we have a moderator who ask us to mail this info to him, so
the information can be massmailed around.
If you look into the profile for each member, there is space to
fill in the info you want people to see, and just take a look, most
people are 'incognito', and not even a e-mail adress is to see.

Bebop also asking people to 'speak one's mind' out directly to him
by a personal mail, and then he will keep the information secret, post
it here at SZ or e-mail it to everyone if allowed. This way of do the
things are a kind of strange to me, and it seems more like a way to
make a "privat social club", rather than a "new openminded Technics
gang" here at this forum.
It also reminds me of the way the ministers behave in the church or in
a religious congregation, and it make me feel that Bebop uses this
forum more as his personal site, and the "newsletters" as a kind of a
parish magazine.

Why not make a new tread like: "Come on Folks, how do we like this
great Technics forum to be?"
The posts / messages about this matters should not be as any kind
of secret stuff, but a open issue where the forum is the tool where
to speak out about what we have in mind about it.

For some of you this might look like a "war" against Bebop, but it is
not, believe me.
It is not personal, and I think Bebop know that very well too. It is
the way I see this things are being done who get my neck-hair rising,
and the fact that I see a kind of 'condescension' against the other
Technics related places around. I.e. by a kind of 'childish' behavior
using * and x, without any reaction from the moderator, who rather is
encouraging to continue this way as i.e. in this post or newsletter.
Quote: The "other" Technic's forums.... End quote.

Kind regards
Cheers 🥂
"Success is not counted by how high you have climbed
but by how many you brought with you." (Wil Rose)