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A great piano player, playing the right material can be most interesting to appreciative musicians.. grin

What separates the boys from the men on piano... "voicing" .. No not vocals grin

Not just dynamics in your playing, but how you voice a chord... yes both hands smile Most of the keys on a piano (real piano) use three strings as you strike a key... this is rich in overtones..

Combine the overtones with the smart voicing of a chord... and most musicians should not be bored so easily grin

Wonderfully put, Fran. That's what I miss most about my piano lessons. Learning and experimenting with different chord voicings and chord structures. It was an adventure every day to see what I could come up with that would please my ear. I miss both the challenge and the sheer beauty of listening to "modified" chords. And those "overtones" floating through the air....indescribable!