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My thoughts are if you don't start out from the beginning as a Piano player it is so difficult to adapt and be proficient later on after you have been playing something else, arranger kb, organ, or whatever...

Listening to just Piano playing after a while bores me as it's only the same sound I am hearing only the technic and style of playing Piano dynamics make it interesting to me to bear it if at all.

Donny, your intense optimism and enthusiasm for things outside of your own circle of music overwhelms me. I don't think you would ever make it as a "muse." smile I would suggest you read more of what John (Bruno) has to say in his posts and maybe you'll feel differently.

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And many times the audience feels the same way after an hour of just piano playing as the try to stay awake during sorry..

Are you kidding? There are many cultured people who spend hours on end mesmerized listening to good pianists showing their wares at piano recitals and concerts. It's the only instrument that can replicate a whole orchestra.

After my love for the piano, I developed a subsequent love for Opera very late in life. Never dreamed in a million years I could enjoy the Art in any way, much less sit through a three hour performance like Rigoletto or La Traviata like I do now. But, with an open mind , I took the time to listen to "beginner pieces" and Operetta, until I became a devout follower. I’m glad I never stayed oblivious to different genres of music. Opening yourself to various styles of music enhances you both as a musician....and, as a.....person!

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Liberace & many others make it pleasing to a point

“to a point?” Liberace is an entertainment icon embraced by millions. An absolute legend. Probable one of the last of a great era for music and entertainment. Forget his mastery of the piano. His performances and personality alone should be studied by every musician who strives to be an entertainer. Not just a musician, but an “entertainer.“ He just did everything right in the Liberace domain. Shame he doesn’t do anything for you, but.....you're entitled to your opinion.