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I get it on the riffs being a lot of standard blues stuff but Liberace does it with such speed and precision.

Hi Bill.....that didn't come out right. What I meant was when I watched Liberace's ease of playing just about everything (and Lucas/Swanee River Rock), my thoughts became "what's the use...I'll never be that good." Then, my "fear" dropped down a notch or two when I started to think "maybe I could do that in just F,C, and G." And maybe, just maybe, that's the only keys Liberace plays boogie woogie in. I know Jerry Lee doesn't stray much from those keys, though I heard a great rock version of his of Sweet Georgia Brown (other chords).

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Not trying to sell you a digital piano but I too am working on some LH riffs ala Jeryy Lee Lewis. I find that changing my FP90 piano sound to a brighter piano makes it so much easier to play those riffs.

That’s what I was trying to say about playing on a grand piano. For some, like myself and you, it’s....change the keyboard, change your life.

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Jerry Lee never liked grands and use to request an old upright. One, so he could beat it up and I think the second becasue the sound and action allowed him to play faster.

Great trivia for Jerry Lee lovers!

Now how are YOU doing with the JLL piano riffs? I’m still working on them every day (about six months now).....it’s painfully slow and sometimes discouraging, but I’m determined to learn to play like him before I take my last breath. Actually, I was determined to play like him since Whole Lotta Shakin came out back in the 50’s but never got around to it until recently. If one could do what he does, you’ll draw an audience any place you play.