Liberace was quite the showman. I’ve seen him in a now closed small venue (3300 seats) theatre in the round called the Warwick Musical Theatre in Rhode Island. There wasn’t a bad seat in the house. We had a great view of Liberace. With that said here’s some useless information smile Years back during college I tended bar in a restaurant that was nearby the Warwick venue. The owner of the restaurant Rose ( TonyMads knew her too) was a close friend of Liberace. She used to say his friends call him “Lee.” The year I tended bar there Lee was in town and Rose said she had about $10k to spend on redecorating her home. She asked Liberace to use his taste to decorate the home. As the story goes he didn’t spend Rose’s $10k instead used his own money about $50k and within 7 days had some major renovations completed.

Here’s a link with the history of the Warwick facility ( as I say mostly useless info)