There were so many messages in the original thread, I decided to start a new one, so it would be easier to read just the newest comments, and I'm sure there will be many. I'll start with mine anyway. Perhaps Panasonic/Technics feel that they have gone as far as they can go now. But whatever the reason, I no longer have to suffer the aggravation of immediate, or imminent, obsoletion (is there such a word?), knowing that my 7000 would soon be obsolete because of the introduction of a more advanced/upgraded model. I have had a 5000,
a 6500 and now this fabulous 7000, and, for me, at least, it does more than I
could ever want to satisfy my musical needs and desires. And I am sure it will serve me for many years to come, and I still will not have figured out all the intricacies it has to offer! So, I read the announcement with mixed emotions, but not total despair. I will keep my eyes peeled for what comes next! What worries me more than the fact that there will be no more Technics keyboards is the thought that perhaps this Forum may dry up as a result. I, for one, certainly hope not!!!! I think we all still have a great deal to share in the future, and I hope my friends here on the Forum aren't so discouraged as to decide that they should terminate sending messages to his great place. The news puts a bit of a damper on my Happy New Year greetings, but, being an eternal optimist, I see a good year ahead, and view this as a new beginning, not as an end!

Ted Rose