Hi All,

The songs I was referring to were sequenced from internal styles on the KN3. The sounds were my own edited sounds from various sources, saved to panel memories. I have learned that the entire MSA should be saved to panel memory, so that other boards have an easier time reading what was intended.

Yes I agree, the great part of editing is the final result and saying .."Did I do That" ?

It is a hobby. Hobbies should be fun..however, Ive been doing a lot of talking to myself lately..I'm starting to worry...

Seriously, I appreciate all your help on this topic. I now have a clearer understanding on editing. I'm impressed by the knowledge you all bring.

Larry Hawk

PS...Doug, it takes years of learning the skill of "Changing the Subject" whenever your spouse has a chore lined up. You not only need to reconize the look on her face that she indeeds wants some type of work done, you must learn to change the subject at the precise time. There is nothing more satisfying then to hear her mumble.."There was a reason I wanted to talk to you..but for some reason I can't remember what it was."
Doug, it sounds to me, you have mastered that skill. Congradulations.

" Always Do Whatever's Next "