Hello to All,

Sometimes songs easy recorded on one keyboard (example KN3000) do not sound very well on an upward keyboard (example KN7000)

I know it takes some editing to change the sound on the 7000 so that it "fits", and that reducing the octave sometimes helps.

I have a few questions someone may be able to help with. When you edit KN3000 sounds (example..could be a 2000, 5000, etc.)on the KN7000, it seems a lot of the sounds recorded on the 3000 (or other) and played on the 7000 sound at a much higher pitch ...I call it a "tin can" sound. When I reduce the octave -1 the sound is a little better. I guess what I'm trying to get at is ..What is the best way to edit KN3000 (or other) sounds in a song, and then save the results on the KN7000 so that it os much more pleasing to the ear?

Anybody have tips on this ? Should I change the octave on the 7000 keyboard button, or use sound edit? Will this change the octave for the whole song, or justa particular sound. Would it be easier to just choose another sound ? Then when I have done all this, can I save the results ? Can this be done in Step Record CTL edit ?

PS...Sometimes the 7000 utilizes a style, that is totally different then the recorded 3000 style, and I would like to make and save changes on the 7000 on that also. How would you do that. As you can tell, I do some sound editing, but never complete songs from one keyboard to another.

sorry so many questions

Thanks for any advise you give,
Larry Hawk

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