Bill, I really must start studying those pages on you site!! At present we have the 3 Tutorial DVDs, the 'Get the Most out of Your KN700' Book, and the Manual to try and adsorb, so heck!, what is a mere 20 or 30 pages extra to study on your site? Hee Hee (or LOL).

I am glad that my question brought the response, it did - and maybe one or two members will now read your tutorial and have a try.

Someone (was it Rog?) back in the thread mentioned Styleworks - I have the XT Styleworks program, set at KN5000 which is one of many reasons why I took Vista out of my 'puter and went back to XP Pro. To be honest, I have not got round to using the program, but I am sure I will one day soon - so few hours in the day and so many things on my 'To do' list !! I can't believe now that when I retired at 70, (five years ago), I was working a 12 hour day, six days a week, doing gigs 2 or 3 nights a week, and still had time for my many hobbies !!

By the way - in the compatibility posts, we have been trying files back and forth between the KN2600 and the KN7000.
You are all so right - you can play almost anything out of the 7000 in the 2600, but not the other way round, we have tried styles, instant records and also some commercial disks, so really - if my wife (Sunny) and I wish to exchange work on our machines, the only way would be to have two 7000's - I can't afford another one for a year or so - so guess that a one-way exchange will have to do for a while!

Regards to all,



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