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Song specific Peter...is one reason...

Make your own Rog smile It's not that difficult but it does take time and effort! The editing facilities on the KN7000 are superb to this end - on the Tyros? It's a nightmare - been there - tried it - no way!

I have continually campaigned for people to make their own 'Song Specific' Styles - As Bill suggests above, there is a great sense of achievement, when everything coming out of the speakers has been made by you, let alone the fact that a song specific style is not a repetitious boring 'one size fits all' style.

A very high proportion of the keyboard 'internals', are dedicated to making styles and manipulating music on the keyboard. What a shame that so many people never venture inside these parts of their keyboard. This is why (believe it or not!) they are called 'Arranger Keyboards'.

I could (and did) do this on Yamaha machines, and it encourages me, when Bill says above it is much easier on Technics, as that is what I am currently working on, having only had the 7000 a month or so.

An easy way to start, I found in the past, was to select a song to record, or add to your gigging repetoire was to find a good midi file of it on the net, and then remove the lead, change tempo, voices, add and delete parts, change key, etc to provide a complete backing to suit my taste and style. Having mastered this, a move to creating styles is only a little further along the learning curve.

Dare I ask? .......Bill - is there any chance that you could do a 'Tutorial' on Style Making on Technics Machines, in an easily understood format on your 'Best on the Net' Pages? (Flattery gets me everywhere!).

I am sure that if such an item existed, many more members would have a shot at it. I have found over the years, most players think it is a 'black art', and just too difficult for most people to do.

Because of Copyright restrictions, I can't ask Bill to post a song he recently did - of a song that I introduced him to. I would love people to hear the original. and then what Bill recorded of it by working from 'scratch' in his 7000. I say it would have to be heard with the original recording, as it is not known in this Country !! The results would surely fire up many people to try and master Multitrack, sequencing, major file changes, style making, and all those features in our boards that few use !!

I have heard many reasons (excuses!), off players as to why they don't want to, or can't learn about their machines capabilities, rarely from anyone who says they will try and can do some study to achieve these skills.

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