John, You said " Dare I ask? .......Bill - is there any chance that you could do a 'Tutorial' on Style Making on Technics Machines, in an easily understood format "

You'll find a simple Basic Tutorial on my Tech Tips page, which I created for the Cambridge meeting in 2007. You'll find the text document here : Tip Number 21, and there is also an Audio file of the text in Tip Number 24.

As stated, this is just a very basic demonstration to enable a user to get some experience of the 'mysteries' of the KN7000 Composer editing suite, and build some confidence in using this great facility, which Technics provided for us. The rest is up to your imagination...........

Another document shows how to edit an existing KN style and it also has an accompanying Audio file - Tips 20 and 23 respectively. Again, just the basic procedures - but should give the user sufficient information and confidence to 'do your own thing' !

The thing to remember is that you cannot do any damage to the KN7000's original styles, by any editing in the Composer.