Anyway, after some soul searching, and a SZ search, I found an old post by Alec explaining why Technics is not backward compatible.

Alec's comment in yellow
Re: KN2400 and KN2600 compatibility

If you release a product a year after another product it will have a new feature or two. If you load a file from the new into the previous there will be the occasion where you get anomalies because of different samples or different controllers. So all you will achieve is some peculiarly unrealistic sounds and sub-standard styles with bits missing that the designer did not intend, and could not envisage due to the inability to see into the future, which is exactly the case on some 2600 styles loaded straight into the 7000 just as in previous generations of keyboard the situation has been precisely the same. In the case of the styles on for the 7000 these anomalies have been taken care of by some clever editing beyond the capabilities of most owners, so it's all really quite unremarkable if you appreciate the facts and the history


Come to think of it, Yamaha isn't truly backward compatible either, in that many files from the new to old just sound plain awful. That said, I've changed my mind about Technics OS and the backward compatibility issue... now that I've read the above post by Alec.

FYI If you want to review any of Alec's posts, that goes way back just click on Users List (at the top of the page) and type in " technicsplayer " It's fun and informative to read his past posts.

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