Well Larry, we just have to agree to disagree (as the saying goes) though I don't understand your comment about not being "backward compatible". Over the years, I've had the KN5000,6000,6500 and all my sets play on the KN7 with no problem, no messing about with styles, regits, voices etc. as with Yamaha, just a simple loading of the floppy disk or SD card and within seconds, the keyboard is ready to play.

The top of my 'wish list' for any new Keyboard (and Yamaha in particular), would be a User Friendly operating system, plus a decent 'plain English' Manual covering ALL topics (no referring to websites) and backed up with a DVD demonstrating all the lovely facilities provided many of which, are never used because people just do not realise they are there or don't know how to use them.

When I was in Milton Keynes recently, I asked why there wasn't a Demonstration DVD in the box, particularly with regard to Beginners.
The answer was "We don't really have the time" I thought it was a feeble excuse considering the cost of their keyboards. After all, isn't that what they're paid to do - make sure everyone understands and buys their keyboards. I don't think they realise how many sales are lost because most people just want to play and when confronted with all the technology find it a big 'turn off'

Anyway, I'm off to the Organ & Keyboard Cavalcade music week at Pakefield next Friday and am looking forward to seeing what's available now. By all accounts the new Korg is excellent and will give the Yamaha keyboards 'a run for their money' as the saying goes. Watch this space!