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I don't know if you have given this much thought - but why (Oh Why!!) did Panasonic pull the plug on their Keyboard and Organ division in 2004 ??

The usual answer one gets, is that it was too small a market for such a corporate giant, and similar reasons. Well - Yamaha went on and 'cleaned up', didn't they?

Have a think on this .... Did they have to stop, because they were so far ahead at that time (they still give current makes a run for their money now, 8 years later!) that they just couldn't advance far enough from what they had achieved, to be capable (at that time) of producing a better keyboard that would be so different, and to be that much more 'advanced' to sell in high numbers as replacements for the 7000 and 2600.

Having played as well as talked to several friends who have Yamaha Tyros 3 and 4, it costs here over 1,700 Pounds (2,500 dollars) to upgrade from the T3 to the T4. The 'honest' friends, admit it was a very small upgrade in comparison for the high price. Most who have a T4 or any other item, will always say how great it is - because they actually bought one !! There are a lot of Yamaha enthusiast who won't be upgrading to a Tyros 5 in 2 years or so time.

Have arranger keyboards now achieved their maximum potential, and are there are really any earth shattering developments that can be added any more - little tweaks and changes to already existing technology, yes - but not enough to warrant a huge price gap for upgrades.

Are these high end arranger boards going to be scarce and fetch high prices in the future ??

Is this the end, for the arranger keyboard?

In light of the above - in addition to our KN7000, we have just ordered a KN2600 to add to our growing collection !!

The majority of Arranger Keyboard enthusiasts (including myself) are not a long way from going to play that big Keyboard in the sky, so it will also be a shrinking market.

Remember, when it happens - you heard it here first !!

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