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Hi folks
Sorry to say this.
Beeing a happy Audya player didn't last very long. Last week I didn't play my Audya at all. Bad flu, not even music could make me better. Today, ready again to enjoy my Audya, left voice was not working, restart and it was OK. Just like before. The KB has not been moved last two weeks, just sits in my studio. I think I have made up my mind. The Audya has to go, can't take anymore. Beeing so close to the Korg release, I will wait to hear how the PA3X will sound before I'll do anything. But looks like the T4 is #1 on my list at the moment. I still hope that AJ's upgrade can make me change my mind. One thing for sure, this is the worst KB I ever had.

Hi Skude,

So that we all know about this, my left voice is allways off even when I switch on, I need to press the left voice button to activate, are you saying that when you press the left voice button there is no voice there at all.

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