I just installed AJ's new HD. So far everything works fine. There were only 4 new styles on this HD so far. They are in the Dance bank, They sounds good to me but I don't play much Dance music, so I'm not the one to tell. There were several new Doo, Dah, Shoo sounds like some of the T4 I guess. Some synth sounds I liked very much. Still need to load some more and try them out.
I will keep you posted, I'm very busy with some other things this week so I will need more time to test everything. So far so good. smile
BTW. How to remove the top of the Audya. ( better way than Tony's grin
It ended up like this. When you know how to handle your tools.... wink

P1000773 [800x600].jpg

P1000779 [800x600].jpg

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