Hi Guys,

I posted this on a different tread but no one read it so here goes again

Heres a new problem for audya users--or maybe not-- perhaps someone has had this problem before and can help me out here

Just when i was getting to like the new Audya 4 I have encountered another SCARY problem

The unit was working away perfectly this morning and I then connected it to my computer Via usb to move around a few files etc.

I thought i could get a faint smell similar to that of something overheating so I turned off the Audya after firstly disconnecting it from the computer and left it rest a few mins before switching back on again

This time all I got from the screen was a Flickering dark Screen and the DISK and EXIT lights kept flashing until eventually it booted up after about 50 seconds

And , that continued every time I tried to switch it on and all I would get is a black screen for about 50 secs until eventually it opens the normal screen and works away perfectly

And i was still getting a slight smell like something overheating !!!
And then lo and behold --the fuse in the audya blows!!
So I have to find one and replace it but I doubt if that is going to solve the problem
Has anyone else ever had this problem ??
And, how can ketron get away with marketing these faulty machines??