Tanks guys
I hope that my Audya problems are history, but I'm really not sure at all. We'll see.
GJ, I never have had so many problems with any arranger or workstation before. I did have bad connections on my PA80 from it was new. It took the Korg repairsenter some time to figure out what was wrong. Never notice this problem on my PA800. I'm not very impressed by the way the Audya is made. The case is strong, but only the mic inputs are fixed to the case itself, all other in/outs are just fixed to the circuit board, and so is the connections for the pedals and even the footswitch (which is very big) when you connect the FS you can see the whole thing moves. Very easy to brake the circuit board, or get a bad solder point. I think all in/outs, also should be fixed to the case, and not just to the circuit board, like the mic inputs are. Anyway, as long as this KB works I better not complain.