So the T3 will not be shown "publicly" but only "privately" at NAMM.. hmmm

Something smells a little fishy.. Delayed but not doomed I hope.

Yammie is a little behind schedule perhaps? End of the year is okay with me though. Since I won't be buying one anyway. OTOH, if Yamaha actually listens to those private party purveyers who shout their demands for a 76 keys T3 and if Yamaha actually yields to their suggestions and or demands, and indeed offers a 76 key Tyros3, then I will gladly be willing to relinquish $3,500 + for the new T3 when it is available at the end of November 2008.

But if they continue to follow the same path to 61 key nirvana?? (more like 61 key HELL eh? ) that I suspect that there will be a multitude of other arranger players who think Yamaha is in it JUST for the money and will NOT be suckered into these 61 key minor superficial upgrade thingamabobbies called a Tyros3. When Yamaha does not listen to a vast majority of the arranger keyboard user base, when people are telling them they want 76 keys versions of their totl arrangers and Yamaha constantly shrugs them off and doesn't care at all to comply to their requests, can you therefore at all blame them for becoming disgruntled with them as a company and avoiding their arranger keyboard products like the plague?

And then Yamaha wonders why they are starting to see sales slip and lose marketshare to the competition? DUH!! I wonder what it could be?

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