I have NEVER put down the S900 with regard to it's guitars, basses and the amazing SA sounds. As a DIRECT comparison with a Roland for the music I do NOW, these do not sway me, but as I quite specifically stated, in the event I need to do a real OMB show (no guitarist to help out), the lack of punchy drums and the polished sound turn finally to ADVANTAGES, and the guitars have no equal.

Please don't lump me in with the 'brand fanatics' here... I am prepared to use whatever is the best for what I am doing at the time. Yes, the keybed will be a step back (but so would moving to ANY other arranger including Rolands!), but the addition of realistic guitars would more than compensate. But the drop to 61, with it's inability to be able to play two handed piano parts make the current S900 a 'pass'.