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Yes Ian...I'm comfortable playing the S900 as an income vehicle at this time, I make it work for me to a point...but in NO Way am I "In LOVE" with it & will drop it easily without remorse down the road....
I'm just biding my time...& remain in a holding pattern circling until I can land.
Dont get me wrong I wanna love something but just haven't found it yet....I almost bit the bullet with the Pa800 but snapped out of it in time ....just a few more months and the tide will change for sure....dont throw away your original boxes you might need them before you know it !!

Well Donny, you must agree Yamaha has the best and easiest to use operating system, and the sounds, especially the SA and Mega voices, are miles ahead of anything else.

That's why their arrangers sell so well...that combination is hard to beat.

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