Donny, that's a loaded question.................5 months ago I would have jumped to a 76 key Yamaha arranger in a heartbeat. Now that I've owned a G70, PA800 and Pa2xPro( very happy with the PA2xPro I'm just not sure any more if I'd buy a Yamaha 76 as soon as they hit the street. I do miss 3rd party style and great forum support from

Ironically, it was 3rd party styles for Yamaha that got me restless for a more live sound. That got me to purchase a G70( a fine board incidentally . But it's 20th century way of having to connect to a laptop/PC to make some changes and no USB port was not to my liking. Although, I have to say I got somewhat comfortable to the G70 way and could have kept it and almost did. When you and UD started singing the praises of the PA800 I got interested. Yup, part time musicians like myself do get influenced by the pros who play music full time. I demoed the PA800 and within a short time I knew it was the board for me, I like what I heard. Songbook feature and a newbie to doing vocals made the TC Helicon Vocalizer pretty much a must have.

Fast forward to the Pa2xPro. I have become so accustomed to using the sliders, songbook, feature, great vocal harmonizer, touch screen, good looks, sound and very manageable weight that if I had to make a choice today on what to use based on the Pa2xPro or the same feature set as the Tyros2( with 76 keys added). I would stay with the PA2xPro. That's not to say that next year I'll feel the same way. I have no dreams of any equipment making me a better musician, but some just feels better to play than another brand. If next year there's a 76 key Tyros3 and it feels better to play and it's technology is so advanced, then maybe I'll buy it. But at least for the immediate future the Korg stays.

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