Were I to play a REAL OMB low volume type of gig, one hour NH, restaurant or lobby scenario, I probably WOULD get a 76 S900. I don't think there is a better arranger for getting a great guitar backing sound, and for sounding good at low volumes. Most of these gigs you are not TRYING to get a live, punchy, in your face kind of sound. You are SUPPOSED to be polite polished background music, at which Yamaha excel.

I would NOT trade my G70 for it, though. A 76 S900 would be affordable enough to add to my arsenal without losing anything (I wouldn't want to gig in a live band with it!).

Zuki... the 76 note Roland E60 is only three pounds heavier than an S900 (and built like a tank in comparison), so weight, especially as flimsy as Yamaha make them, ought NOT to be a problem...

But yes, I am not making all this noise up just for the sake of rubbing Ian raw! Were Yamaha to make a 76 S900, I WOULD buy one.