Good answers all Jim, Tony, Gary and Terry. I enjoyed reading them.

I think I'm more like Jim in my approach to all of this, but we're really not all that different either Gary, in spite of the approach and our methods. Really, the biggest difference is that it's a casual thing for me. I have a different job. After that, I just look to do the occasional venue that will allow me to feature what I think are my strengths. For me that's playing the instrument itself.

Like you, I like to get the positive feedback too, but when I do, mainly it's for the pieces I play, sometimes solo without the arranger parts, or what the audience can see and feel me play while the arranger is going ( they can tell.. most of them anyway ) or maybe if I can jump in with a band on occasion.

I haven't seen you play and for all I know you could be a great keyboard player, but from what you say here, it appears that the focus for you goes toward your vocals and entertaining skills, and that the instruments are tools that help get you there. Nothing wrong with that at all. If vocals were my strongest feature, I'd probably choose to feature them too, no matter what level of player I was. Instead, I'll take the harmonizers and any other tool that enhances them, and feature what I do best.

When I play live though, I'm not thinking in terms of a machine doing the actual singing for me. That's not what I'm looking for. I'd rather bring my vocalist for that if I need him. I just want a harmonizer / tool that enhances the voice I already have, for better or worse, and maybe something that I can add to my bag of tricks in the studio. In the studio if the thing sings better than me ( oh and I'm sure it ) , then I'll admit it right now.. I'd use it with no qualms. My music is still going to be about featuring my playing. I look at vocals as an occasional annoyance that is sometimes necessary to get someone to listen to my music... Ok.. that's a joke but maybe there is a hint of truth to it.


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