I don't necessarily disagree Gary, but there's two ways to look at that back door thing. Arrangers could also allow less technically skilled keyboard players into the back door too couldn;t they ? Let's be honest here. I'm sure there are some among us who could perform solo on a keyboard / organ / piano and still entertain and maybe dazzle too. Does that include everyone who is using an arranger keyboard to entertain though ? I doubt it.

I applaud those of you who have great voices that can work well for so many different things. As I said before, I wouldn't want to hear me doing a soft tenor ballad. I wouldn't want to hear Stevie Ray Vaughan or James Dewar of the old Robin Trower band doing it either. Doesn't make them bad singers though does it ? I'd love to be able to sing like like Michael McDonald just once, but that isn't happening. On the other hand, can everyone who plays an arranger say that they can play every instrument that their arranger is trying to emulate ? Doesn't it work both ways, or is it ok to fake a guitar solo but not a voice ? What's the real answer and who's to say where that line is drawn ?

I have heard an admission or two here that there are those amongst us that aren't necessarily top skilled keyboard players too. I know for me, I'll put my keyboard skills out there anytime, and maybe I won't always be the best player, but.. I bet I don't embarrass myself very often either, and I certainly have enough skills to work without an arranger. The point is, lesser players could be taking jobs from me too if I look at it in that light. I see them now out there in bands, and in solo or duet acts. I'm glad I don't look at it that way though, mainly because I play for me at this point in my life, and to see what I can create. Maybe if I was still trying to do it for a living, I would think differently, and maybe I'd even become anti arranger altogether, realizing that some of the venues that once hosted real bands don't anymore. I'd like to think instead though that I can accept the technology for what it is and adapt to it. It's great to be able to play along with my own personal band anytime to work on my skills or create a song. Much of this was not possible when I started playing. I embrace it.

I can now hold my own on a drum set too if it doesn't get too complex ( ie jazz / jazz fusion ). Now put a sax in my hands, and Boo ( and anyone else that had to listen to it ) would probably be sick. Terry would probably wince at hearing me play his guitar. Still, I can fake a fair emulation of one on a keyboard. It won't fool anyone who has a trained ear and knows what a real sax or guitar is supposed to sound like, but.. the notes will be there in the right places and it'll sound pretty good, at least good enough for entertainment work.. provided of course, I have the other equally important skills needed to actually entertain someone. All I'm saying is that I think all of this works both ways, doesn't it ?


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