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#341433 - 03/05/12 09:42 AM Re: Some Questions for the PA3X Experts [Re: Bob Hendershot]
Gunnar Jonny Online   content
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Originally Posted By: Bob Hendershot
How are the fingers doing now with the guitar, Gunnar? Your tenacity should soon put you on a par with the best guitar players. Have you done any style conversion of Technics to Korg that might help Marty?

Well, I've learned that sore fingers do hurt a bit laugh
I guess it needs time and tons of patience, and some time between the lessons to make the fingertips grow.
Not as eager as I was at the beginning, but the guitar is easier to bring along when take trips with the MotorHome,
so we'll see........

Latest update of EMC have PA3X as an option, so convert should work. So far I have not converted much, but
it's no problem convert a few if Marty want me to.
If so, I need the material he want to convert, cause I don't have any KN7k or other KN's to copy files from.
Cheers 🥂
"Success is not counted by how high you have climbed
but by how many you brought with you." (Wil Rose)

#341898 - 03/12/12 05:13 PM Re: Some Questions for the PA3X Experts [Re: Bob Hendershot]
Audrey Turner Offline
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John says: "Its music and learning something new; according to my book thats the best way to keep a mind healthy."

Yes John I agree with your comment and a few weeks ago, I read in our local newspaper that scientists have been researching the various causes of Alzeimers, Dementia etc. and have officially confirmed that people who play musical instruments have a much more active brain than many, and sustain this activity much longer, well into their senior years. So it would seem - WE MUSICIANS ARE AMONG THE BRAINIEST IN THE WORLD - (we knew that already didn't we?) LOL


#341923 - 03/13/12 08:35 AM Re: Some Questions for the PA3X Experts [Re: Gunnar Jonny]
bruno123 Online   content
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Gunner, Share what you are learning on guitar and maybe we can add.

John C.

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