Hi Scott,
If you look on the Musik Studio site Bild 16 to 20 this shows that the Blue lit section is the slot and control buttons for the SD card. It is lit on the top and the vertical section is a chrome finish and this reflects the keys.
I assume that blue is chosen to match with the colour of the SD card.
If I recall correctly the buttons are like a disk control....Load, Save,fast forward,back stop and play. The cunning bit is that when the main panel is closed, these controls and the insertion slot for the SD Card are still exposed so that during an interval at a gig you can set up to play tracks from the SD card whilst your control screen and buttons are concealed from prying eyes and fingers !
Although I didn't actually play, I did sit at the board and found no problem in accessing the panel memories or most buttons. Obviously they are in slightly different positions so access would be slower initially but this would soon fall in to place.
I think that the photo's make the distance of the control panel from the keyboard of the 7000 seem much greater.In fact I reckon the distance taken up by the flat hinge is less than that from the back of the keys to the base of the hinged display panel on the 6500 so that would bring the main panel nearer.

Hope this is of some use.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Scottyee:
What is the blue lighted section that takes up the upper octave and a half? Is the blue color just a reflection from somewhere else or?