Originally posted by Scottyee:
Hi Larry,

From what I can make out, after attempting to blow up the pic more in Photoshop:

KN7000 Rear View (audio inputs/outputs: from left to right):

1) Mic input
2) Line IN (right/mono)
3) Line IN (left)
4) Aux IN (right/mono)
5) Aux IN (left)
6) Sub (or line?) OUT 2
7) Sub (or line?) OUT 1
8) Main OUT (right/mono)
9) Main OUT (left)

I assume that the Main OUTS are used for sending the primary 'main mix' out of the KB as stereo audio. I'm speculating that the Sub OUT 1 and 2 would be used if you wanted to send your vocals or a specific track(s) such as drums or bass, out independently. Perhaps someone who knows for sure can clarify.

I like the KN7000's feature of offering 2 stereo (Line & Aux) inputs.

Hi Scott
My attempt to decipher the audio in/out connectors basically agrees with yours.
I had assumed that the Sub out jacks provided a filtered low pass output for use with a sub woofer.
The other back panel connectors appear to be
1. Video out
2. USB
3. MIDI Thru
4. MIDI Out
5. MIDI In/Bass pedal
6. Switch for 5.
7. Expression Pedal
8. Foot Switch 2
9. Foot Switch 1
10. Foot controller.

Most of the front panel controls appear to equate to those on the 6000/6500 but does anyone know what the elongated orange buttons are - one on the lest above the Style arranger/varation buttons and the other on the right above the 3 button cluster for Favourites/custom panel etc.
Also there are now four buttons above the pads as against 3 on the 6000/6500. Any ideas on what the extra one does?