HI Scott,
I read your post here with interest. As a design engineer, I have to believe that they must use keyboard players in the concept, layout, finalyzing, and prototype approval. Can these died in the wool technics players be that much different from us.
I have been invited several times to Ensoniq And Roland round tables because I own several of their instruments. They pay us 200.00 an evening to sit around a round table and respond to the moderators questions for a couple of hours and then we have a round table discussion amongst ourselves regarding the pros and cons of the keyboard under review after receiving the design concepts and photos from the moderator. We are on one side of a two way mirror and the engineering group is on the other side of the mirror recording everything. This is the basis of my remarks above as I know there are keyboard players in this group on the factory side of the mirror. I like the 200.00 free money and the free dinner and the opportunity to say it like it is. I think it makes a difference. What do you think?