Hi Derek; Wow. Congratualations for being one of the first on the forum to attend a KN7000 preview demo. It must have been a thrill to not only see the KN7000 demoed, but also see & hear the wonderful vocals of Sara Raybould, as well as the keyboard talents of musicians Andy Smith, Simon Hampshire, Paul Tirkettle, and last but definitely not least, the incrediably talented Phil Leader. I continue to enjoy Mr. Leader's excellent KN5000 instructional keyboard video.

Derek, THANKS for explaining the cool blue light emulating from the SD card Memory slot area. Great lighting effect. I also like the idea of being able to 'close the keyboard lid' to keep audience hands off the keyboard, yet still allowing you to control & play background music tracks during the break. Derek, I'm glad to hear (as you say) that it's merely the photos illusion that gives the impression that the panel's buttons are further away from the keys than they actually are. I just hope that, like J. Larry also expressed, that the moveable tilt panel can somehow be 'locked down' into a 'rock solid' position, and not give (with bounce or a spongy feel) when the buttons are pushed. I'm hoping that Alec Pagida (or others) who have actually had the opportunity to play the KN7000 can go into more detail about the stability (and possible position lock-ability?) of the KN7000's folding panel. I look forward to hearing your your comments. Thanks - Scott