Alec (Technicsplayer): It's great to hear that the KN7000 will read & load KN5000 format styles in 'directly'. This was the answer I've been hoping to hear for a LONG time. I just hope they'll sound (on the KN7000) fairly close to the way they orginally sounded on the KN5000.

I have LOTS of custom KN5000 styles which were originally stored on my KN5000's hard drive (AE5000) and subsequently backed up to CD (using Keysoft Service's TechManager software). I assume all I'll need to do is copy the files from the CD to a SD Memory Card and then just insert the SD memory card into the KN7000 and then all my KN5000 styles will be available in the KN7000 for direct loading, right?

Will the KN7000 be able to recognize 'all' Technics KN5000 format file extensions? If not, which ones?

.CMP (composer style pattern)
.LSW (current panel memory)
.PMT (panel memory - 10 banks - 8 memories)
.SQT (sequencer file: 10 songs)
.TM (sound memory)
.MSP (manual sequence pads: 12 banks of 6)

In addition to the above Technics file extensions, Tech Manager also adds a .ttx file extension for lyrics support. Will the KN7000 be able to recognize .txx files too?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my above questions. - Scott