I've really grown to appreciate and use the ritard feature 'alot' when I perform on the PSR2000. I really HOPE that Technics will follow suit with such a 'useful' feature.

The 'other' thing I encourage Technics to adapt (from Yamaha) is 'integrating' the 'fill-in' button with each of the variation buttons so you can have an associated fill automataically occur by just pressing ONE of the variation buttons itself. This (to me) is a far better approach than having to press the fill-in button and then the variation button. I realize that Technics has a special 'fill to', both (up or down) to the variation adjacent, but many times I want to skip from variation 4 to 2 or 1 to 4, and this 'fill to' function won't work for this situation.

The great thing about all this is that as manufacterers continue to refine features, we as arranger players will reap the rewards of coming closer to owning the PERFECT arranger keyboard.