One thing I forgot to mention in my report - I had quite a chat with Phil Leader and the Japanese Gentleman from Technics, Gerry O'Hara (I think). I suggested that a useful feature, which I have been asking for, for some time now, would be an automatic Ritardando, to use at the end of a tune. I know that this function can be realised using the Tempo wheel, but if both hands are 'busy'... I also realise that panel memories could be configured with reducing tempo but if the tune setup uses quite a few panel memories with different voicing then there may not be sufficient left to achieve this. The effect could be similar to the Fade Out function with the ability to set the number of bars over which the Tempo slowed and the end Tempo. It would be useful to have this controllable by footswitch as well as possibly a button on the panel, similar again to the Fade Out function.
The suggestion was well received by both and they assured me that it would definitely be seriously considered. Although it is obviously too late to incorporate this feature on the KN7000, it was thought by both of them, that it may be possible to have a software upgrade to allow the Fade Out to have a dual role option. I believe some other manufacturer's keyboards have this facility - does anyone know ??
Does anyone else consider this a worthwhile facility?
Remember, some of the Technics guys DO visit this forum


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