I received the following regarding the 1.5 update. Will follow up with a phone call today.

Fran in Florida


Dear Fran Durham,

Taiyo Music simply got the update ahead of the US. I have the 1.5 operating system upgrade at my office. I cannot monitor the Synthzone Forum because our office machines are blocked from chat rooms. I am glad in a way. If you need specifics give me a call.


Eddie Williams/Technics Musical Instruments

Technical Service Representative III

Panasonic Customer Call Center

661 Independence Parkway

Chesapeake, Va. 23320

1-800-726-8863 option 3


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You were very helpful to me with my 6000 several years ago and I am asking for some help again.

I am sure you follow the Technics Forum on Synth Zone.

The controversy about the updates for the 7000 coming from Taiyo and not Panasonic UK or USA is interesting. I would appreciate input from you on why Panasonic USA has not come forth with the update that was supposedly created in Japan factory. Is it safe to use the Taiyo Updates?


Fran (in Florida) Durham

Ps...Good to see the article about you in Tech Plus Club Magazine. Nice to see who you talk or write to