Larry the way I look at it is not that whether I should upgrade if I am happy with my KN but rather I should upgrade when TECHNICS is happy with their upgrade. Frankly I donít understand why some get so upset and impatient. Man, my keyboard with 1.3 OS works great as is! So what if they donít see fit to inform us of the name of every little tweaking they do. Every board I ever bought worked dog gone good from the day I had it and I always had of the first group to be released in the Chicago land area. Some of them had up to ten updates to fix some things but nothing major. Can you imagine, almost a full year has gone by and it never dawned on me that anything needed to be fixed. That might be some kind of a record with keyboards. I think the 6000 had the most problems but that was a major design change and could almost be expected to have some tweaking done to it. Nothing too earth shaking, for me at least. Itís my personal opinion that as we grow a little fatter when we get older, us human males donít upgrade our underwear size to keep up with the expansion. That leads to very tight shorts and tends to make the male a tad bit testy and irritable leading to dissatisfaction of the way others do things. You know, not updating fast enough and not telling them what's in the update. First things first. Update the skivvies and whatís in them will be much more happy and contented. This seems to me a good place to start and Iím sure by that time, technics will take care of their end. End? My oh my!

Grandpa Doug
Grampa Doug